Adam Michaelson never felt this way before on “Beautiful Secret”

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Adam MichaelsonIndie artist Adam Michaelson has released their latest single, Beautiful Secret, and the track is a gorgeous display of talent. The piano-lead electronic/alternative record is a haunting yet successful merge of multiple genres and emotions. The song was mixed in Copenhagen by Mads Oustrup (who previously mixed the debut album “Woman” by the band Rhye) and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (known for his work with Foo Fighters and Tom Waits). This makes sense as to why the track feels like something that has existed for years, it’s just good.

The Los Angeles based artist delivers a powerful performance, especially on the chorus. The falcetto hits the ear just right and adds to the emotion of the track, which interestingly enough is about a polyamorous love situation; which isn’t a topic that is covered in many songs.

Oh how lucky we are
Lying in each others’ arms
Somewhere through the stars
In this beautiful secret of ours

When we hit the bridge, the song takes an auto-tune turn that adds another layer of interesting. At that point, the track gives me Kelly Osbourne “One Word” vibes; which is a magnificent electronic/alternative track from 2006. That is one of my favorite sounds, a nostalgic 80’s vibe that has a hint of Tears for Fears in there.

Once you listen to the track, Micahelson’s musical talent is just… very clear. But, it makes sense considering the artist has performed in Broadway shows like Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out” while also touring the country as a headliner and opening act. Quite impressive. We at Ear Worms are excited to see where his career takes him; give Beautiful Secret a listen below;

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