Aimée Takes All The Blame & It’s Gonna Hurt Like Hell

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AiméeAimée is a Dublin-raised Pop artist who is inspired by the staples of the late nineties like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and it shows on her latest single “Hurt Like Hell.”

The Max-Martin inspired production brings that same energy you get from the music of the aforementioned icons; “Hurt Like Hell” is a break-up song that has an energy similar to Katy Perry’s “ROAR” and I kind of can’t stop letting it play on loop. The lyrics take you through a very relatable situation (at least for the girls & gays);

The thing about pain
It sticks like a stain
I take all the blame
So call me insane

Another thing I genuinely loved about this track is it didn’t conform to the 2:30 standard that has essentially taken over every genre of music. Where 99% of today’s songs would end, she gives us one more go ground of the ear-wormy pre-chorus and chorus; and the production feels even larger than they did before. That is the kind of pop-behavior I like to see, confidence that you have a solid track with a solid sound and it CAN capture the attention of the stimulated human.

On top of the single, Aimée also released the official Music Video for “Hurt Like Hell” for the single and it gives mid-2000s energy, which works absolutely great with the song.

While she is a new artist, she has secured quite a bit of success with Top 40 airplay in Ireland, as well as UK support from BBC, Kiss, Clash & more. From her sold out shows in Ireland to her chart success in the UK; Aimée is taking all the right steps to solidify herself as a strong pop star.

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