AK Stella is “Running with Ghosts”

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AK StallaAK Stella has released the cinematic rock track, “Running with Ghosts,” and are slightly obsessed. The single is off of the up-coming EP, “THE TERROR” and was produced by Aleksandr Nikolai. The track has a dark feeling to it, but in a relatable way. This isn’t necessarily surprising once you learn a bit more about the LA based artist.

AK Stella didn’t begin exploring songwriting until later in life and credits her “past lives” with providing her with the inspiration to write. That makes Running with Ghosts” connect on a different, and in my opinion, more interesting level. I have always been fascinated with energies and “ghosts,” using your connection with that world is an incredibly unique approach to crafting music.

“AK Stella’s inner child is quite angsty and mischievous, and that raw emotion has stayed with her to this day, as her music channels influences from a diverse range of artists, from Rage Against the Machine to No Doubt to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and explores themes of love, loss, and identity.”

Understanding where AK Stella’s musical inspirations stem from also help connect the dots to the whole vision. There is a hint of Evanescence here, as well. The vocals and production feel larger than life. The chorus feels powerful, errie and mystical all at the same time. I would highly suggest giving “Running with Ghosts” a listen if you’re into that rock/pop with strong vocals vibe.

Running with Ghosts” is now available world wide; give it a listen below.

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