Alabama Native Michael Warren has released “What’s Country To You”

A four-song EP centered around the radio-friendly title track

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Michael WarrenAlabama native Michael Warren released his first four-song EP this Friday and the title track has quickly become a go-to radio favorite. Warren’s soulful voice and unique blend of country, R&B and hints of nostalgia make his EP a standout among other modern country music releases.

The album, which was written and recorded during the pandemic, has been said to reflect the current state of ever-evolving country music, something Warren’s music stands out in. The EP features top-notch production and efforts from some of Nashville’s most promising young producers.

Warren has become known for his songwriting, which pulls from the experiences of his past and uses country music’s current influences to capture a clear moment in time. His lyrics are comfortable and at times heartbreaking, as is reflected in this EP. His approach to music is honest, heartfelt and unpretentious, something long-time fans embrace and new listeners can feel immediately when tuning into his catchy tracks.

The release of his four-track EP has fans eager for what’s to come from the Alabama native. Warren’s story-telling and artistic expression is something to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

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