Alexis Strum digs Up sophomore release ‘Cocoon’

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“I’m going out my head, trying to work it out”

Alexis Strum

The name Alexis Strum may not ring any bells for you, but, you know her songs.

Let’s back up a little bit, in 2001 Alexis Strum recorded an album titled “Addicted” with WEA records. With a misunderstanding of the lyrics of her debut single (also titled ‘Addicted), the song was blacklisted by daytime television shows (who at this time were a major staple in the promotional efforts for pop stars). Following this, the album and single were scrapped and Alexis was dropped from her record label.

In 2005, Alexis dusted herself off and tried again, and signed a second record deal with Mercury Records. Alexis released three singles from this collection, however, Alexis subsequently dropped from the label due to the single’s performance on the singles charts. The album, like its predecessor, was scrapped, leaving Alexis with no album.

In the years that followed, tracks from “Addicted” were passed on to other artists (specifically ‘Still Standing‘ to Kylie Minogue on her 2004 album “Body Language” and ‘Nothing Good About This Goodbye‘ from Rachel Stevens‘ 2005 album “Come and Get It”) and Alexis continued performing as a puppet named “Bo Pepper” before delving into other creative avenues including acting, comedy, other less showbiz stuff.

This regret will last forever…

Earlier this year it was suggested by fans for Alexis to independently release her albums. She began the process and contacted her former record labels asking for masters to the songs. In a discussion on Twitter Alexis explains the process saying “how insane it is that I failed not once, but twice“.

She continues: “Warners said yes, they were happy to put my album out there on streaming and Universal said I owned my masters & could do the same myself.

Alexis’ “Addicted” album (held by Warner) is expected out soon (no release date has been finalized or announced). Alexis’ second album “Cocoon” album will be available for pre-order on 05 July 2023.

The track listings for the 2005 album advance were as follows:

01. World Without Your Love
02. Bad Haircut
03. Heart Over Mind
04. Why Me, Why Now
05. It Could Be You
06. Alright
07. Stay Until Summer
08. Strike A Light
09. Cocoon
10. Maybe Someday
11. Long Way Home

Alexis’ music has stood the test of time, and she explains that “I feel like the public have a right to make their own decision about my music, even if I didn’t. The message from my Twitter fans was clear, with two words, ‘Why Not?’ ringing in my ears… Why not put it out there? Why not take a chance? Why not be a popstar at 45?

Check out the music videos below for the singles we did get, and get your Spotify and Apple Music ready to pre-order ‘Cocoon’ when its set for pre-release on 05 July 2023.

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