AlexStella debuts with “Methe”


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“Methe” is the spirit and personification of drunkenness, it is also the debut single from Swedish-born singer Alexstella! There is something haunting about the track which we simply could not get enough of!

“Methe” has a lot of things happening and at the same time, I couldn’t stop listening. The track is a mixture of genres and has a very alternative feel to it. The song is the love child of Sevdaliza’s song ‘Human’ and Rosalía’s ‘A Palè’, which seems fitting!

The song is something I could see Poppy releasing, and rightfully, Poppy is cited as an inspiration. The vocals remind me of Amy Lee in all the best ways, but this is certainly not an Evanescence track, it’s just better!

Alexstella teamed up with renowned producer MNH to finalize the track. “Methe”, like the remainder of Alexstella’s songs, which have yet to be released, tells a story of not fully belonging, a feeling many of us are likely all too familiar with.

Alexstella has been quoted saying “The desires you have for someone when you’re drunk, and they’re not being reciprocated. That feeling extended beyond just relationships and seeped into my overall perception of myself and what I’ve accomplished.”

Simply put, Alexstella is a star on the rise, the music industry needs this moment that celebrates so many iconic genres of music, we need the haunting feeling, and over all else, we need someone who is not afraid to tell the hard stories (preferably over a beautiful synth and some hard hitting 808s)!!

Keep your eye in Alexstella as she has some places to go, and some stories to tell!

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