Alexz Johnson is much more than Jude Harrison

A little less pop-punk and a lot more vocal range

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Alexz Johnson was a household name from 2004-2008. As the lead character in the hit series Instant Star, she graced our televisions weekly. The teen musical comedy/drama series followed Jude Harrison after winning a singing competition. We watched as Jude navigated the recording industry and the ramifications of being in the spotlight.

Because of this, Alexz found the spotlight on herself for being the lead character. Instant Star released a new song after every episode, and her voice became the focus. The music made during the series could be called “angsty teen” and not at all where Johnson’s heart lay. All the music was released under her actual name, which pigeonholed her in that style for many years.

Alexz Johnson

Now many years later, Alexz Johnson is taking back her music career. She has released 4 studio albums since her Jude Harrison days, but this one is from her heart. “Seasons” will be the fifth studio album that Alexz has released. The lead single from that is “Hurt Me.”

“Hurt Me” is a song for friends, loved ones, and anyone who needs it. Alexz is giving us permission. She wants us to lay everything out and let her take the brunt of our feelings.

These lyrics speak most to me:

You can tear up my heart
While I stand here and bleed
Give all of your demons to me

We all have our demons. But the type of friend that will let us vent is the best kind of friend.

Certainly, life has changed for Alexz since she was on Instant Star. She’s married, a mom of two, and has grown so much as a person. This new album will showcase her growth.

When listening to “Hurt Me” I knew her voice instantly. But, she has matured, and her sound has changed. It makes me think of many other artists that we hold to such a high standard. Most notable are Carole King and Joni Mitchell.

Because we have all gone through such changes since the pandemic, this song can be part of our healing process. The world is reopening, and the way we go about our daily lives has changed, but one thing remains the same. We all need that friend. I’d love for that friend to be Alexz Johnson.

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