ALICE LILY drops ‘aggressive’ single, “Echoes”

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ALICE LILY is a Birmingham, UK based 5 piece band. The up-and-coming indie rock group has released “Echoes” from their second EP, “Under the Lights.” “Echoes” is an upbeat track with a mix of aggression and powerhouse vocals.

Alice Lily

ALICE LILY continues to thrive in 2023

Once known as Alice Lily as a solo act, ALICE LILY added 4 other members to the band, and the chemistry between them all is apparent. Members of the band are; Alice Roach, Will Collins, Joe Lewis, Rachel Towner, and Harry Phillips. Built on a foundation of music, the group has become friends since forming which adds to the obvious cohesiveness of the band. With the members from Birmingham, Stafford, and Stoke-on-Trent they have gained control of the West Midlands of England.

The success of their gigs with Lovejoy is a great backdrop to the release of “Echoes.”  “Echoes” is a step towards a new sound and genre which showcases an increased production level. When asked about their new single ALICE LILY said the following;

“We can’t wait for you to hear our brand-new single ‘Echoes’, we already know you’ll love it. It captures all the best parts of our discography whilst taking a massive step up and defining our new era of sound. Put it on repeat, add it to your playlists, this song is mental.” – ALICE LILY

“Echoes” is a stand-out single

ALICE LILY brings a lot to the table with “Echoes.” The lead vocalist’s range and power are simply put, impressive. The drums and guitar keep the edgier side at the forefront of the song. As a whole, this had the feel of bands like Paramore with a side of Pat Benatar.

If you enjoy this vibe of the music, ALICE LILY is definitely a group to check out. The track is available on all streaming platforms.

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