Amelie Blake flips the script with “Hunting Games”

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Amelie Blake has released the highly anticipated single, “Hunting Games.” The song explores the energy behind the hunter and the prey. Showcasing femme fatale energy, the hunter in this story is the female. Typically the masculine energy would be the hunter, but Amelie switches things up. Women’s empowerment is the theme of this track. Layering her vocals over textured harmonies provides a way for the thought-provoking lyrics to tell the flipped narrative. This fairytale has just twisted and the prince is in trouble.

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Why does Amelie Blake have such a familiar voice?

If you are in the US, raise your hand if you are watching Love Island. I’m sure most did in fact raise their hands. You have heard Amelie Blake before today. Amelie’s songs have been featured in Breathe, My Days of Mercy, Netflix, Sky, BBC, ITV, and many others. She has worked with a handful of music publishing houses, including BMG to provide music for various different avenues. Also, Amelie Blake has been performing for over 10 years. She has supported bands like Rudimental but also has had plenty of solo projects.

Amelie BlakeWith all this work behind her, Amelie Blake has created her own musical sound. By melding her influences, knowledge, and tons of experience, Amelie’s style is a mixture of pop, trip-hop, and alternative. More often than not, you will find layered vocals and deep lyrics.

Her music career has by no means been unsuccessful. Amelie was recently nominated for a PMA award for her track “A Song For The Soul” and she was interviewed by PRS for music. A&R Factory has even described Amelie as:

“A stunning voice that sweeps through your heart and cleans up the rubbish that is cluttering your blood flow.”

With a career that has oftentimes been behind closed doors or screens, Amelie Blake is ready to take the jump. This independent artist, in my opinion, will not be unsigned for very long. If BMG doesn’t realize they have a star already in their midst… someone will.

Check out “Hunting Games” below or on all streaming platforms, now.

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