Anastasia Elliot brings us back to life with “Bones”

This independent artist deserves a record deal.

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Anastasia Elliot is a trailblazing Indie Art Rock artist based in Nashville. Elliot has been releasing singles from her highly anticipated full-length visual album, “La Petite Mort.” Her latest single, “Bones” is the fifth single from her DIY, 13-song visual story. The entire album is a deep dive into personal trauma. In 2013, Anastasia was in a plane crash. While she may have come out of it physically unharmed, her emotions were in turmoil.

Anastasia Elliot

Anastasia Elliot explains “La Petite Mort”

“La Petite Mort (‘The Little Death’) explores my relationship with the phases of trauma and rebirth following my plane crash in 2013. I wrote ‘Bones’ as a snapshot into the bandaid trauma bonding type of relationship that we often seek after going through something cataclysmic. The kind of childish love that makes us chase the red flags while also becoming the red flags. ‘Bones’ is the ultimate distraction of fun, the comic relief of La Petite Mort if you will. The part of the story where I started seeking to control others since I couldn’t control my insides or my situation. It can be easier that way sometimes, but it never ends well.”

“This song came from my first misguided attempts to take back my personal power, looking for it in the wrong places that came easy to me and devouring many innocent hearts in the process. With the violence that is weaved into the more carefree and playful soundscape of this song, it shows the internal knowledge that at this time, there was no happy ending in a relationship with me. When you are searching for a partner from a broken place, it will always end in another little death.”

The Review

Released on February 22nd, “Bones” brings the listener in immediately with a catchy bass line followed by the sultry tones of Elliot. We soon realize this isn’t a typical pop song. It becomes a rock anthem to loving quickly and breaking hearts. While the lyrics clearly explain that Anastasia will provide the love, the receiver needs to be wary, she will also provide the pain and destruction as well.

Truthfully, the song that she told us is the comic relief of her album, has not left my head. Just as she sings, the song is:

“In your heart, in your head, in your soul.”

One thing that sets this song apart from everything else in the rock category, is the video. The visual that it provides had my mouth dropping open when I watched it for the first time. There is a reason Anastasia Elliot is an artist, and it is to share her vision with the world. From the set design, costumes, lighting, and everything combined… it was brilliant.

A purple-haired rock goddess, Anastasia Elliot embodies everything the color purple is associated with. From imagination and transformation to bold and independent, one more comes to mind for Anastasia… Royalty. This album deserves to be recognized for everything it stands for like growth, but especially a re-birth. Anastasia Elliot is a phoenix rising from the flames of her plane crash.

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