Antony Alexander releases “It’s Always Been You”

A love song brought to life as an EDM Dance track

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Antony AlexanderAntony Alexander is an EDM Producer out of the UK and they dropped their latest project “It’s Always Been You.” The track boasts of energy and that “summer” feeling; we really love it. It has the festival sound, the one where you’re just having one of the best nights of your life and this is one of the songs you’ll hear years later and reminisce.

Having originally started making music back in 1989, the producer started their solo career in 2018. On their 15th original single, they explore a love story and choosing to stay together. There is an uncredited vocalist who laid down the track, and it’s clear that Alexander is an incredible musician to work with if he was able to get that performance out of an artist.

The at-home producer works out of Logic Pro X and is using his platform to open the discourse on “bedroom producers.” A lot of people feel a lot of ways; but after listening to this track you might change your mind and give those producers who may not have all the resources, a chance. When asked if there were any notable quotes or thoughts regarding the record, interestingly enough Alexander had this response;

“…I would say if one person I don’t know enjoys my music then it’s worth it.”

Personally, I really love that frame of mind. It’s not about reaching notoriety, it’s about having people you don’t know experience your art and having that positive reaction. It’s something that a lot of creatives strive for, so we get it. Do yourself a favor and give “It’s Always Been You.” a listen today.

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