Arctic Monkeys’ New Video for “Sculpture of Anything Goes”

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Arctic MonkeysThe Car, the latest album from the Arctic Monkeys, is an adventurous and heavily orchestrated collection of enigmatic songs that delve into themes of love, longing, and doubt. Frontman Alex Turner has transformed the band into a lovesick, debonair lounge act, with live shows that showcase their unique sound and lyrics about espionage, space hotels, and looking good on the dance floor. The album is filled with detours, non sequiturs, and lost trains of thought, held together by Turner’s undulating vocal lines and an orchestra always at the ready.

The Car is an album of love, longing, and doubt, with obfuscation serving to bolster its core belief that the simplest truths are the hardest ones to discover. Turner channels his paranoia through lyrics about spies and show business, while the music matches the uncertainty of the lyrics. The album features Turner’s falsetto voice, which he uses for some of his most sincere moments, collapsing the irony and remove and allowing him to be more vulnerable with his audience. Overall, The Car is a captivating and rewarding listen for fans of Arctic Monkeys and adventurous music. Watch the video below!

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