Arden Alexa releases new single “Stupid Boy”

An Ode to High School Boys and The Best Friends Who Make Them Bearable

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Arden Alexa was born and raised in San Francisco and spent most of her youth learning the ins and outs of the Bay Area music scene. But her childhood also had an incredible soundtrack of pop princesses; Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more. When you grow up with breakup anthems and record-breaking artists as your idols, there is no way your music won’t be influenced by them.

Arden Alexa

Arden Alexa releases “Stupid Boy,” her 2nd single this year

“Stupid Boy” explores the intricacies of a high school romance. From the highs and lows, one thing remains… friendship is the best thing to come out of high school. Arden exudes depth in her vocals and her lyricism and artistry are apparent from the start of the song.

Her vocals stand apart from a lot of recent indie releases. While she may only be 18, her sound is mature. Not only because she has control, but because of the emotion that is shown throughout the song.

When discussing the songwriting process, this is what Arden Alexa had to say:

“Let’s be honest, high school boys can be clueless about romance. After experiencing this firsthand with a particularly dramatic unrequited love, I decided to write this song as an ode to high school boys. While channeling fun synth pop from the 80’s mixed with the indie music of today, the lyrics of this song say all of the things that I never had the chance to say to the boys I’ve loved”.

The “Stupid Boy” music video shows her young and fun personality

At the same time as the single was released, Arden Alexa released the accompanying music video (see below). The video shows Arden ready to head to the prom with her date. But then, we see a text conversation between her and her friends. She was ditched. What follows is best friends’ day out at the mall. We watch as the friends successfully make Arden forget about the stupid boy. The video is fun and fits the theme of the song, friends come first.

Check out Arden Alexa’s new single below. Also, check out her TikTok, her personality shines there as well. If we were in the same school, I would have loved to be one of Arden’s friends.

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