Arlo Parks Releases “Impurities”, the Second Single from “My Soft Machine”

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Arlo Parks
So I have been a fan of Arlo Parks for about the past year or so; I am an avid listening of KCRW and Eclectic 24 and lucky for me, they played their 2021 album Collapsed In Sunbeams all the time.

The new single takes an early 2000’s approach with it’s A/B side; Impurities and Weightless. Both tracks are insanely beautiful and the hooks?

I don’t wanna wait for ya, don’t wanna wait for ya but need you so

Parks voice is soft yet powerful; it adds a life to these tracks that can often play as “boring”; their ability to take control over mid-tempo beats is one of the reasons I believe we will be hearing from them for quite some time.

Impurities is a track about the fear and excitement of falling in love; the moment their hand touches your leg and your heart starts to race. Produced by Romil Hemani & Al Hugg, the chill, almost ’90’s vibe track is not one you want to miss.

I radiate, like a star like a star, star, star

Weightless feels a bit heavier, but no less enjoyable. The lovestruck feeling you get from Impurities is washed away with lyrics like;

You’re crushed under the pressure
But you won’t change
No, you won’t change

Produced by Paul Epworth and originally released on January 18th, it makes sense why this was the lead single from their upcoming record My Soft Machine; out later this month.

Give Arlo Parks a stream and a listen and I’m sure you’ll become a fast-fan just like we did.

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