Asha Jane is strong on “Axis”

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asha janeUK based artist Asha Jane has released her latest single “Axis” and the record is a beautiful display of talent. The. Døn produced track has a mid-tempo beat that lyrically explores emotions that many humans experience like stress and mundanity. With it’s cinematic production matched with the incredible vocals and ear-wormy hooks, “Axis” is a stand-out indie track of 2023.

One of my favorite pieces of this track is the layering that happens on the bridge. It adds an additional layer of life to a song that is drenched in emotion. Her range is up there with the greats, it’s easy to see why she is currently backed by BBC Horizons; it’s only a matter of time before her career takes off.

Jane is a neo-soul artist who grew up in South Wales with Celtic, Jamaican, Indian and Nigerian heritage who also dabbles in acting, modeling and other creative outlets when she is not working on music. Asha spoke about the track and said;

“I wanted this song to feel human in its production as it reflects everyday modern life, the rhythm is in sync with our breathing and heartbeat. I wanted to subtly underscore taking a deep breath in the track, that relieves and unwinds the listener as I wrote those lyrics whilst going through hard time and trying to convince myself I could get through it. The layered vocal is a subtle nod to the use of singing in the round that was used historically to tell stories, sing the blues or get through a day of repetitive manual labor in days before radio.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Axis” immediately.

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