Aurelia is “OUT4BLOOD” with new single feat. Icarus Moth


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The title says it all! Hailing from New York, Aurelia’s new single ‘OUT4BLOOD’ feat. Icarus Moth just released and its a fresh take on dark pop/edm that I never quite thought I needed in my life until now. The infectious production keeps you dancing but when you take a step back and really listen to the lyrics, its not the typical meaningless dance record, Aurelia is telling a story that I believe we can all relate to.

“I was actually a huge fan of Icarus Moth after I found him on SoundCloud in high school, which dates it perfectly. At that time I was just a consumer and was more focused on figuring out what I wanted, and in 2019 I finally let myself become the artist I wanted to be. That’s actually when I met Nathan (Icarus Moth), in a Guitar Center on 14th street, buying my first-ever microphone. I knew from that little interaction that I would find someone brilliant to work with, but I also didn’t realize until much later that I had also found my best friend.”

Take me back to the way it was, Before our vices were out for blood.”

Aurelia not only is a performer but also an exceptional producer, vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist. I also cant forget to mention SHE MADE THE VIDEO HERSELF! (watch below!)

Take me back to the way it was, Before our vices were out for blood.”

‘OUT4BLOOD’, continues her trend of storytelling through singles following their debut tracks ‘Wax’ and ‘Sinister Things’. These releases have amassed over 500,000 streams and have been remixed by capshun, RadioRadio, and BLZBO. The tracks have also received support from notable music platforms such as, Trap Nation, and Brownies and Lemonade.

‘OUT4BLOOD’ marks the final standalone single from Aurelia as she gears up to release her debut EP in June. The EP will feature production from Icarus Moth and will be preceded by singles in April and May. Aurelia is poised to make a big impact on the electronic music scene and are clearly ‘OUT4BLOOD’.

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