Bebe Rexha announces Third Album “Bebe”

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Bebe Rexha

The Introduction

As we’ve previously discussed, Bebe Rexha is everywhere, and yet, nobody knows her. She is looking to change that with the release of her third album, “Bebe”.

The Track listing

Bebe has not released the track listing for her third studio album. We can safely assume that the album will include the #1 single “I’m Good (Blue)” and her most recent single “Heart Wants What it Wants”.

Public Reception

I’m going to be blatantly honest with you. Bebe Rexha is not an albums artist — and that’s okay! The singles she releases make up for the album attempts. Her 2018 debut ‘Expectations’ had some really good songs on it, personally “I’m A Mess” was the soundtrack to my summer 2018 (and upcoming summer 2023). The album charted respectably at #13 in the US Albums chart and #33 in the UK.

Her 2021 follow-up ‘Better Mistakes‘ came in at a staggering #140 in the US, and failed to chart anywhere else in the world. The album to say the least, was a mistake (pun intended). I’m unsure of the direction Warner continues to go with their releases, but I am excited to see where this takes us!

It is clear that Bebe has potential to be huge! She has had some amazing songs and have ample songwriting creditability. I believe the record label needs to find the perfect medium with all of her successes, but, that is obviously easier said than done!

The Conclusion

Moral of this story is, Bebe Rexha isn’t going anywhere, and I love her for it.

You can catch Bebe on tour on the ‘BEST F#N NIGHT OF MY LIFE TOUR’ which begins on May 31, 2023, in Phoenix, AZ. More information on the tour is available on her official website. You can listen to the MK remix of ‘Heart Wants What It Wants‘ now and of course pre-save her upcoming third album!

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