Bebe Rexha Releases “Call On Me”

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Bebe Rexha


We previously reviewed Bebe’s single “Heart Wants What It Wants” and touched on her upcoming third studio album simply titled “Bebe“. Bebe has now released the track listing and the third single from the prior to it’s April 28, 2023 release.

The Album

Earlier this week, Bebe Rexha announced the track listing to the album and it is as follows:

01. Heart Wants What it Wants
02. Miracle Man
03. Satellite (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
04. When it Rains
05. Call On Me
06. I’m Good (Blue) (Ft. David Guetta)
07. Visions (Don’t Go)
08. I’m not High, I’m In Love
09. Blue Moon
10. Born Again
11. I Am
12. Seasons (Ft. Dolly Parton)

An album with both Snoop Dogg and Dolly Parton? Yes please!!

The Song

Ahead of the release of the aforementioned album, Bebe has released the third single from the collection titled “Call On Me”.

The song is all about self-love and we love that “You never made me feel like heaven” before belting into the infectious chorus

“If I need a lover
Someone to hold me
Satisfy all my needs
If I need a lover
Someone to save me
Someone to set me free
I’d call on me”

My only complaint is that the song comes in at 2:50, while this is longer than the average song now a days, it is still too short for my liking. I’d love to bop along to this for another 23 seconds! Iconic none the less!


Bebe continues to release bops. There is nothing that is going to stop her. Keep your ears and eyes open for that Snoop Dogg track because I feel something amazing coming!! Don’t forget that Bebe is going on tour this summer with the “Best Fu#kin’ Night Of My Life” tour. More information is available on her official website.

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