Ben Alexander releases Electronic-Pop smash “Rush”

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Ben AlexanderNorwegian artist Ben Alexander has released his latest project, “Rush” (feat. Arya) and the electronic-pop track caught our attention from the second it started playing. The smooth production mixed with the guitars over synths creates that easy-listening vibe that most people enjoy. On top of the absolutely incredible music, Arya’s vocals up the ante. The song sounds like a track you’d hear at any European Music Festival; meaning it’s just that good.

The track is about the “rush” you can get when you first meet someone; when you get to experience a brand new set of “firsts” with someone. That is one of the best feelings in life. Love is a universal subject we can all agree on; it’s an array of things. “Rush” captures that and delivers it in a smooth, dance-ready form.

Ben AlexanderAlexander is known for his transcendent and etherial production and it’s clear why. That’s the exact phrase I would use to describe the feeling I get when I was listening. One of my favorite pieces about art is that is can live as an escape; while art that forces you to look at your surroundings is important, I do love an escape. I feel that release here, like I transcend to their world and it’s a nice little vacation.

Recorded in Milan, Italy; the track features Arya, an Italian-based vocalist who happens to be the daughter of Venezuelan salsa singer Orlando Watussi. Rightfully so, she is known for her smooth vocal delivery and that’s what she gives on “Rush.”

I would highly suggest taking the time and giving this track a listen today; especially on a Friday… what a way to get into that weekend energy.

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