Beth Macari has that summer feelin’

Living my summer dream, yeah

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Beth Macari

I want you to think of beautiful summer evenings, sun-kissed tans, your favorite summer beverage of choice and then I want you to think of Beth Macari!

Beth Macari has every facet of being a modern-day star. Her vocals and esthetic showcase that of ‘Folklore’ era Taylor Swift, but has the vocal range (and capabilities) of the greats such as Aretha Franklin and Etta James. We don’t say this lightly.

Beth Macari delivers the unique flare that we here at Ear Worms listen out for when reviewing songs, and this song is only something that only a Geordie could deliver. We do not say the following words lightly, Beth’s new song “Summer Feelin'” is the undisputed song of the summer! It has everything

    A powerful hook
    A powerful chorus
    Beautiful flawless vocals
    It literally has the word “summer” right there in the title!!

So if you listen and don’t agree, you have terrible taste in music!

“Summer Feelin'” showcases Beth’s soulful vocals, and those vocals take us on an array of emotions. Mote notably the captivating “Oh, oh, oh” the ending chorus lyric “I came here for love“. Every time I go somewhere, I go there for love, so I connect with this lyric!

I will also be singing the chorus in my head recreating Beth’s powerfully delicious vocal each and every time for the remainder of the year (so not only is it the song of the summer, but, it is also the song of the year! There!! I said it!

Similarly, Beth’s music video for the song delivers the very same energy and showcases the gorgeous Beth around an array of summertime scenery including not only beautiful pools but also beautiful beaches.

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