Bethia Wants You to Be Able to “Multitask”

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BethiaUK based artist Bethia has released her latest single, the Mört produced “Multitask” and all we can say is… wow. This song has life; from the production to the vocal delivery. There is a familiarity that feels unique, and that is the perfect mix for a hit. It feels like it lives in the same world as an Ariana Grande mixed with Doja Cat track would; and it’s replay value is there.

While most songs originate from love, either being in or falling out of; this track lives in the ladder. When asked to describe the journey of making the track, Bethia said;

“I wrote [Multitask] after being with a guy who in reality, wasn’t giving me his full focus and attention. His mind was only on him preparing to go on tour. After we ended things, I felt like I was trying my best to stay busy and distracted but still managing to think of him and crave the attention from him that I desired in the beginning,”

Without spoiling it, because music IS like a movie (if you go in partially blind the experience is even that much better), the ending is unexpected and top-notch pop. It took me by surprise and made me double-take my own computer screen.

Inspired by artists like Lolo Zouai, Kehlani, Bailey Bryan, SZA, Kiana Ledé, Sinead Harnett and Tate McRae, Bethia’s music is for fans of Pop/R&B, Top 40, Pop Music, Trap Soul and R&B; if that is your vibe I would highly suggest adding this track to your playlist.

Multitask” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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