Billie Eilish asks ‘What Was I Made For?’

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Billie EilishBillie Eilish introduces us to her unconventional melancholic Barbie with her powerful new single ‘What Was I Made For?‘ and once again proves she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

From the infectious hyper-pop Speed Drive by Charli XCX, to Nicki Minaj/Ice Spice re-edition of Aqua’s classic Barbie World. The star-studded Barbie movie soundtrack serves as ‘one of a kind factory for hits’ and I can’t remember the last time we’ve been blessed with a soundtrack equally as fun as a movie. Adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the whole project and contrary to EVERYTHING that has been released so far, we’re now taking a dark, unexpected turn with Billie Eilish.

What Was I Made For?‘ – a deeply emotional piano-led ballad written and produced by Billie and her brother FINNEAS (name a better functioning duo, I dare you) is built entirely around a soft, tender melody and Billie’s phenomenal vocals.

However, the absolute correlation between this sob-fest of a song and the fantasy comedy is in the lyrics:

I used to know, but I’m not sure now what I was made for

Serving as a metaphor for both Barbie’s confusion with her identity and Billie’s introspection of her personal life, the heartfelt lyrics express a sense of self-discovery and a search for one’s purpose. Anyone can relate to that, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you fall short. And sometimes you don’t know how to feel and just navigate through life without a clear answer.

Think I forgot, how to be happy, something I’m not, but something I can be

Accompanying the song is a one-shot music video directed by Eilish herself. In the video we see her sitting down, dressed in a barbie-like yellow vintage dress, carefully unboxing doll-sized replicas of her famously worn outfits.

As the video goes on and emotions build, the atmosphere is suddenly disrupted by wind, rain and earthquake, bringing nothing but utter chaos to the scene. Forcing Billie to hurriedly collect everything, perhaps as a symbol of her own need to protect herself and her vulnerabilities.

Despite the emotional weight of the song, there is an underlying message of hope that someday you will discover your true place in the world and find yourself a sense of clarity.

Just like Barbie!

Barbie the Album is out July 23rd, 2023.

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