Blackout the Arcade release “Side-by-Side”

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Blackout the ArcadeNorth-East London rock band, Blackout the Arcade, have dropped their single, “Side-by-side” and the alternative rock track feels current while bringing in a hint of nostalgia. One of the five singles that the band prepares to release this year, “Side-by-side” proves that they have all the key ingredients of a great rock group.

Side-by-side” feels like a “new sound” while also carrying a familiarity of the mid-2000s sound that bands, like The Killers, helped create a platform for. The track starts off with a bang; a heavy drum plays an ear-wormy melody and then the powerful vocal hits. There is an insane talent, there. From the rasp to the tone, their vocalist sounds like someone you would hear on the radio or see performing at the giant music festivals.

The bands craftsmanship was quite unexpected before streaming the track; everybody is clearly a pro in their own right and when they come together, MUSIC is made. One of the stand out moments for me is the bridge; the guitar is what made me want to replay this song over and over; it’s what most music lover’s are on the hunt for. That innovative, unique sound that is so undeniably catchy that you can’t help but play this song until it’s out of your head.

To understand Blackout the Arcade a bit more, checkout what they had to say;

Blackout the Arcade signifies the uprising of a new revelation within the Indie and Alternative music scene in the North-East of England; introducing a fusion of “nononsense” reverberant rock with psychedelic undertones, in a style not too dissimilar from the likes of The Killers and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

So, if you are into that indie-rock sound with a hint of pop-structure; give Blackout the Arcade a listen immediately. “Side-by-side” is available on all streaming platforms now.

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