Camille Ruz unveils profound single, “Wreath”

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Camille Ruz is a singer-songwriter based in London, England. “Wreath” is the debut single off her forthcoming EP. The intimate track delves into an extremely sensitive topic, child loss/abortion.

Camille RuzCamille Ruz teaches us that heartbreak isn’t just for romance.

With the year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade coming up, “Wreath” is a song that will resonate with a lot of women in the US.

For Camille, the song is based on her personal experience with that sort of grief. “Wreath” is the first song she wrote to start accepting her situation and began the process of healing.

“‘Wreath’ is Camille’s debut single from her upcoming EP. Inspired by the sounds of the 60’s, ‘Wreath; is a lush, euphoric singer-songwriter serenade about grieving the loss of a child.”

“Wreath” is the first single from a 5 track EP.

The grieving process is something that takes a while. Camille Ruz is using her EP to move through the process. Abortion is a topic that is not often discussed in music, and without even hearing the entire EP, I know it will be one to talk about.

Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, Camille Row has a voice that belongs in the 60s and early 70s. Lately, that type of music has begun to become mainstream, like Daisy Jones and the Six. Camille has earned a spot on playlists worldwide. Her vocals lend a delicate grace to a sometimes harsh and loud music world.

Camille RuzThe production behind “Wreath” was so impressive. Camille Ruz even learned to play clarinet for it.

“This single was recorded during a few sessions. The first was at Tilehouse Studios outside of Denham. I recorded vocals, guitar, and bass on tape. It was an analog studio with an amazing 16-track tape machine from the 70s. I had another session at Karma Studios in Stoke Newington where I recorded 12-string, Mandolin, Tenor guitar, Percussion, Pedal Steel, and extra overdubs. My last session was for clarinet, flute, and strings. I played most of the instruments myself but had the opportunity to work with some incredible musicians. Joe Harvey White on pedal steel, Harry Trevellion on flute, Sevde Akbaba and Limunga Pambe on strings, and Wes Burton on bass.” – Camille Ruz

You don’t want to miss Camille Ruz. She is an artist to watch and route for. “Wreath” is available on all streaming platforms now.

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