Canadian Artist Tess Anderson releases “Prison”

The first of 5 singles coming this year

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Tess Anderson has released her newest single “Prison.” Musically, the song gives off a happy vibe.  But, if you listen to the lyrics, you quickly learn it is anything but. The meaning behind the song is the journey to living a fully authentic life. We witness the internal monologue that accompanies it. Tess Anderson, like many, had a rough 2020. But unlike others, Tess, while bedridden, used the time to do some personal reflection.

“At the beginning of 2020, I became incredibly ill and was bedridden for 2 months. This involuntary slowdown forced me to be alone with my own thoughts for pretty much the first time ever, which led to many realizations about my life and the decisions I had made up to that point.”

“It became very clear to me that I wasn’t actually happy and that I needed to make some major changes. I had been living my life in a way that I thought would make other people proud of me, but in doing so I was letting myself down again and again. Writing “Prison” was one of the first steps I took in my journey of learning to trust my own intuition and living my life for me.” – Tess Anderson

Tess Anderson

“Prison” is anything but that for this artist

Previous releases by Tess were in a singer-songwriter style. Now, “Prison” is the result of melding that style with a more alternative rock sound. The merging of the two styles gives Tess Anderson the ability to create music for both genres and captivate the audience with uniqueness. The audience will come for the band and fun but, will instantly become a fan of the vocals.

There is a strength to the vocals given by Tess Anderson. The lyrics may be vulnerable, but the command and direction displayed on the vocal track are incredible. The way the song came to fruition with each member of the 5 piece band joining in, is reminiscent of infamous bands. Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, and Creedence Clearwater Revival are known for recording albums live.

“The song initially started as a slow ballad, but after inviting my guitarist and long-time friend Dylan Lammie into the process, the track took on a life of its own. It just continued to evolve as the rest of the band jumped in. Everyone’s parts were created super organically when playing it live, and we wanted to honor that in the recording process.” “It was a rather collaborative production effort between all members of the band, spearheaded by bass player, engineer, and producer Jeremiah Gowen. Both sonically and lyrically, somehow the song became the perfect gateway between my old musical style and the direction I am taking moving forward.” – Tess Anderson

Who is Tess Anderson?

The Canadian-based artist will be releasing a total of 5 singles this year in preparation for her first full-length album in early 2024. Last year was spent in the studio, crafting her sound, recording, and fronting a versatile 5-piece band. Before this release, Tess Anderson had an accomplished career.

She has a degree in artist development, audio engineering, and music production. Was a finalist in the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge. And received the Amplify BC Grant in 2021. Her debut EP “Onward” was released in August 2021, and was more of a ‘chill-pop’ style.

Overall, “Prison” is a great track, and the meaning behind it… gut-wrenching. Tess Anderson clearly has the inner strength and determination to live her life to the fullest. The sound is solid, the lyrics are beautifully written, and again… the vocals are what made this stand out to me.

Also, Tess seems super fun. Check out her Instagram. Her mantra “Throw away all the expectations and just make music that feels good,” shines through there.


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