Carly Rae Jepsen and her “Shy Boy”

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Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen has dropped her latest single, “Shy Boy,” and the disco-love song feels like it belongs on the Barbie movie soundtrack; and now that I’ve thought it I’m upset that this is not the case. Anyways, back to our Canadian Idol…

Carly has a huge LGBTQ+ fanbase and that’s not only because she releases incredibly (gay) fantastic music, she also uplifts and supports the community that supports her; and in 2023, that is a blessing. So, when she drops, we listen. Luckily, she doesn’t really ever disappoint; “Shy Boy” is additional proof.

The dance track has an infectious pre-chorus followed by one of the grooviest chorus’ we have heard in a long long long time. The James Ellis Ford produced track feels like it could belong on the, now infamous, Disco record that Carly scrapped a few years back. Carly has teased the disco tracks and has also re-used some of the scrapped tracks to help build her latest record, The Loneliest Time. “Shy Boy” sounds complete; there isn’t one thing that the listener could request.

But it’s like this
Put you on the list
So come downtown if you’re around
I hope you do baby, I insist
I don’t care what they say about out

Her unique voice, the beat and the free feeling you get when listening to this track is more than enough for me. If you are into legit disco, this track is going to make you lose your mind.

Shy Boy” is now available worldwide.

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