Carly Rae Jepsen is planning to drop “Shy Boy”

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Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen has announced that she is going to release her new single “Shy Boy” on June 23rd, 2023 and this is big news for the LGBTQ+ community. While her biggest success came from 2012’s “Call Me Maybe,” real people know that she has released records that only get better and better.

In October of 2022, Carly released her latest LP, “The Loneliest Time,” to critical praise and new fan-favorites like “Joshua Tree” and “Beach House.” While her second and third LPs received a “Side B” treatment, it looks like they are moving on from that release pattern and she is announcing a “new era” with “Shy Boy.”

Coming off of a nation wide tour and LA Pride’s major event, Carly has been working non-stop since the release of the latest record, and as a fan, it’s amazing to see that she is able to let this record live without the pressure of commercial success. Good music can just be good music and the fans can get the “major” artist experience in a more intimate way.

Normally, there is a few-year break in-between projects and we are excited to see where this single takes us.

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