Carrie Underwood’s “Out of That Truck” isn’t “Before He Cheats”

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Carrie UnderwoodThe career of American Idol season fours winner, Carrie Underwood, has been a confusing one but I’ve strung along for the ride (for the most part).

Following the release of her ninth studio album Denim & Rhinestones last year, Carrie has seemingly moved on to new project “Out of That Truck”.

Am I going to compare “Before He Cheats” with this song, of course I am, I mean, they both mention cars (or trucks) so the comparison is clear.

When you’re running around in that stick shift Chevy
I bet it drives you crazy
Thinking about us on every other back road baby
You got someone new in your bench seat
Trying to forget me lately
But my memories stick so good luck trying get me out of that truck”

Unlike Before He Cheats, Carrie isn’t digging her key into the side, or carving her name in his leather seats, or even taking a Louisville slugger to both headlights, and the tires are fine too. Instead she’s wishing her lover well in getting the smell of her shampoo out of the headrest, the strawberry wine stain, and the nail polish on the tailgate.

Personally, it’s a cute song and based off of Carries relationship with the Billboard charts, it doesn’t appear that she’s too concerned with chart positions – but despite not having a #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, since her 2005 debut “Inside Your Heaven” she is estimated to be the most successful American Idol contestant and has faired better on the US Country Charts. So it’s clear she’s doing something right!

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