Carter Ray Unleashes “Empty Promises”

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Move aside Taylor Swift, I believe that I have found the song I am going to fall asleep crying to for the next couple of months. Los Angeles singer Carter Ray has unleashed his newest single “Empty Promises“, and to say the least amount of words – my world will never be the same!

Why you may ask yourself, well, really the lyrics say it all:

The Chorus

“Been lost at sea and now I’m sinking in the ocean with liars and cheats, empty promises in between these sheets…”

And then it happens…my world turns on its axis and my world is shook — we head into the most haunting part of the song:

That’s fine with me, fine with me, fine with me”

The Music Video

Carter Ray - Empty Promises

And if that isn’t enough for you, the moments following the chorus in this music video personally make me want to apologize to Carter for things I didn’t even do. His eyes will haunt me in my sleep in the best way possible, all while hearing “Fine with me, fine with me” as I sat there apologizing profusely for things I didn’t do.

The Review

The song is described as “an honest depiction of the toxic narcissism and emotional manipulation that can sometimes masquerade itself as an alluring illusion of love, he had slowly morphed into the very villain of detachment and venomous relations that he had been trying to escape”

And honestly, haven’t we all become something we were trying to run away from? I know I have! Although I never considered putting it into a song, but I am so glad that Carter did!!

After listening to this track, I have delved into his back catalog, though all of his tracks are stellar in their own way, another stand-out track would be the autobiographical “Dear Victoria” which was released earlier this year!

The Conclusion

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Empty Promises” by Carter Ray, then take a deep dive into his back catalogue to include the breathtaking “Dear Victoria” (you won’t regret it!!)

Listen Now:

Watch Now:

Director: Carter Ray
Starring: Fia Nyxx
Executive Producer: Vincent House Productions
Producer: Catie Loth
Director of Photography: Ossey James
Creative Director: Bird Vincent
Music by: Sam J Garfield

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