Celebrating Betty Who’s “Mama Say”

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Betty Who

The Introduction

I have a certain level of respect for Betty Who, shes doing it because she wants to! Following the 2014 viral video of a flash mob proposal to her song “Somebody Loves You” it appeared as if Betty Who was on to something with her career path.

Following the release of the album “Take Me When You Go” Betty began to tour. She also released several additional songs released from the debut EP to not as much fanfare (though “All Of You” did peak at #1 on the US Dance Charts). In 2016 she released her follow-up album “The Valley” which achieved some success with its lead single “I Will Love You Forever”. (The track is a cover of the 1996 song by Donna Lewis).

The Song

On this day in 2017, Betty Who released “Mama Say” as the fourth and final single from her 2016 album “The Valley”. The song (much like the previous two singles) failed to generate any chart interest. This however does not change the fact that the song is stunning from the very first second the song starts “What would your mama say“!

You know you love a pretty girl with a twisted mind
And you love it when my love it hurts
You tell me all the time
So don’t apologize, give it to me one more time
You know you love a pretty girl

Had this song been recorded by anybody else such as Kylie or even Miley the song would’ve been a huge international smash.

The Conclusion

Following the release of “The Valley” and the underperformance of the album Betty was dropped from her record deal. That didn’t stop her, in 2018 she followed up the album with “Betty” (how original), and again in 2022 with “BIG!” (all indepdently).

When you get a chance (or right now) we do recommend listening to “The Valley” in whole. It is such a solid pop album and the opening track haunts me in my sleep “I knowwww you don’t love me anymore“!

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