Celebrating Victoria Beckham’s Birthday, Reviewing her Discography

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Victoria BeckhamToday we’re here at Ear Worms talking about the rich and inspiring history of one of the most ensuring musical icons of all time… Victoria Beckham. (Reference)

The Introduction

Victoria Beckham (in my mind) is one of the greatest musician’s of our time, but the world just isn’t ready for this discussion. I could write an entire thesis on Victoria Beckham’s solo career, but again, the world isn’t ready.

On this day in 1974, Victoria Adams was born, and the rest is history really… from birth she has been churning out tune after tune and hitting that top spot each and every time (again, in my mind). She is most famously 1/5 of the Spice Girls or 1/2 of the Beckhams

The Debut

Nobody expected a Victoria Beckham album, I’m sure Victoria didn’t even expect a Victoria Beckham album, but following the demise of the band (Spice Girls), I’m sure she found her self fluttering around her London mansion, bored out of her mind, so, she released a song ‘Out of Your Mind’ with True Steppers and Dane Bowers (of British Boyband, Another Level). The song was very well received and peaked at #2 in the UK charts, but, looking back — it wasn’t very good now was it?

In September of 2001, Victoria released her debut single ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ which she promoted as a duel single (‘good girl’ versus ‘bad girl’), the song peaked at #6 on the UK charts and the song is exactly what you would expect out of a former Spice Girl, who famously couldn’t be bothered.

The self-titled album (which I actually refer to simply as ‘VB’) included some really good songs, and some really bad songs. The best song for me is “Like That”. It gives a very R&B feel and truly is a standout in her (official) discography.

“No it shouldn’t be like that
Not fooling me
D*mn his love, and d*mn his lies
They’re bugging me
No it shouldn’t be like that
He’s trying to be chilling out
Like other guys
Why can’t you see”

The rest of the album is pretty forgetful including “Every Part of Me” (which is dedicated to her eldest son), and “Unconditional Love”, we’ll just leave our review of the remainder of the album at that (because after all, if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

A secpmd single “A Mind of It’s Own” was released the following February, and similarly peaked at #6 in the UK charts. A third single was anticipated (titled ‘I Wish’) and was to be remixed featuring Robbie Craig, however, this never materialized, but like with many female musicians before her, the single was scrapped following the announcement of her second pregnancy.

Despite having scored two top 10 UK singles and a top 10 UK album with her self-titled, she was dropped from Virgin Records.

The Follow-Up

This is where things get juicy. Following her dismissal from Virgin Records, Victoria didn’t give up. She signed a £1.5 million contract with Telestar Records / 19 Recordings and began working on not one but two albums.

Initially Victoria recorded the album “Open Your Eyes” which was comprised of Pop songs. Her management, dissatisfied with the album (and dissatisfied with the fact majority of the songs leaked online), sent her back to record an R&B inspired album that would become known as “Come Together”.

In December of 2003, to spearhead the album, Victoria released the double a-side single “Let Your Head Go” (from the ‘pop’ album) and “This Groove” (from the R&B album). The song peaked at #3 on the UK charts, and Damon Dash (producer of the ‘Come Together’ collection) wanted to launch Victoria in the American market with “This Groove”, comparing her to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, however, this never materialized.

In January of 2004, Victoria release the DVD The ‘Réal’ Beckhams which included a bonus disc of music including the singles “Let Your Head Go” and “This Groove”, as well as, other tracks “Me & You This Time”, “That Dude”, “Valentine” and a little track called “Resentment” (which we will talk a little more about later).

In early 2004, a new track “My Love Is For Real” was announced as the second single, and shortly after her record label Telestar Records, declared bankruptcy, and the release did not materialize.

From here, both albums “Open Your Eyes” and “Come Together” and a slew of other material have leaked online. The two albums include several hits and several misses. Two standout tracks for me (which I am shocked have not been picked up by other artists) include “Bitter Sweet” and “I Should Have Known Better“.

A third track titled “Resentment” had a life after Victoria, including being recorded by Jasmine Sullivan but like Victoria before her, the album it was intended for was shelved. In 2006, the legendary artist Beyoncé took the song and revised bits of the lyrics and included it on her 2006 album “B’Day”.

The Conclusion

Did the world take Victoria Beckham seriously as an artist, no.
Did Victoria Beckham take Victoria Beckham seriously as an artist, also no.
Did Victoria Beckham make a valent effort to give us good music. Yes.
Does Victoria Beckham cash her royalty checks? Probably not…
Regardless, Happy Birthday to the queen known as Victoria Beckham.

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