Chantal Jüppner feels they “Don’t Quite Belong”

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Chantal Jüppner Indie artist Chantal Jüppner has released her latest single, Don’t Quite Belong, and the indie-folk track brings a classic sound with powerful, raw vocals. The melodies are easy and are layered with hints of a classic Lana Del Rey record. The 20-year old Berlin based BIMM student croons over an acoustic guitar as she shares her personal insight on the feeling of “not belonging.”

A common theme amongst those who identify as LGBTQ+ is finding our “home,” our place. I can’t imagine having to be 20-something and trying to navigate life in todays terrain. With so much hate spewed in our direction on a daily basis, I find it even more important to share the art of those who have a first hand experience.

The stripped-back arrangement paired with honest lyrics creates a vulnerable atmosphere that allows you to actually listen to the loneliness and sadness in their voice. One of my favorite lines is;

Now I sit here all alone
Everybody can’t come to the phone

Most people who go through a “finding themselves” period wind-up feeling alone and isolated because the experience is so heavy and not something you even know how to put in words. You want people to reach out, but if they did… then what? This song is heavy but, quite enjoyable. When asked to describe the track, Jüppner said;

“Don’t Quite Belong is a mirror showing myself at a time, where I was stuck in my own alienation. I isolated myself, due to overthinking and social anxiety. Knowing that many other people might see their selves in the reflection of Don’t Quite Belong was reason enough for me to write it.”

The song is now streaming on all DSPS, give it a listen now!

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