Charli XCX Samples Legends for “Speed Drive”

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Oh Mickey, you’re so fine… wait

Charli XCX

There is not a world where I did not hear this song and did not immediately hop on here to discuss this track.

As we have previously reported, a Barbie Movie soundtrack is set to be released on 07/21/23. The album features songs from a lot of big-name artists.

We have already gotten gems from Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, and Dua Lipa and last night Charli XCX’s contribution was released to the world, and we are not okay!!

‘Speed Drive’ features an instrumental that everyone with taste should recognize. Charli recycles Robyn’s version of 2005’s Cobrastyle from her self-titled fifth studio album, but not only that, there’s more!

The track also features an interpolation of the 1982 track “Hey Mickey” recorded by Toni Basil.

Charli kicks off the song by describing Barbie, in true Barbie fashion!

“She my best friend in the whole world
On the mood board, she’s the inspo
And she dressed in really cute clothes”

Before delving headfirst into the infectious chorus, which when mixed with Cobrastyle’s beat, makes this the sound of the actual summer!

“A-ah Barbie you’re so fine
You’re so fine you blow my mind
Jump into the drivers seat
And put it into speed drive
Hot riding through the streets
On a different frequency
Know you know just what I mean
We’re running through the red lights”

Charli is no stranger to making songs about driving, it is quite funny really. We love an on brand queen, but ‘Speed Drive’ follows in the footsteps of Charli’s singles “Vroom Vroom” (2015) and her song (and album) “Crash” which features an album cover that quite literally shows her after a car Accident. Driving, speeding, crashing, and I can’t wait to see what she does next with a car!

“Speed Drive” is available everywhere music is streamed and if you listen to no other song today, it should be this!

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