Charlie Puth debuts “That’s Not How This Works” Short Film

Sabrina Carpenter joins Puth in showing the ups and downs of a relationship

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“That’s Not How This Works” was a surprise release from Charlie Puth today on his YouTube account. The short film follows Charlie and Sabrina Carpenter through a fictitious (no romance rumors, please) relationship.

That’s Not How This Works

“That’s Not How This Works” the concept

We watch Puth as he goes through taped sounds of important moments in the relationship. As the sounds are played, we are transported back via his memories to witness what happened. From birthday presents to painting walls, and power outages, we see the young couple fall in love. Eventually, the good moments take a turn. Ultimately, the couple fights, cries, fights more, and then… she leaves.

Charlie Puth is known for his perfect pitch and for picking up random sounds to put in his music. So the question needs to be asked. Is he recording sounds constantly in his house? Is this short film based on reality?

The duo started teasing their collaboration on TikTok earlier this month, showing a clip of them kissing while playing operation. We get to see the full thing in the short film. I’ll admit… it was cute.

Incidentally, below the video, Charlie Puth announces his new song will be available on Friday, March 31st. We have learned that there will be two versions of the song. The first to be released features the country music group Dan + Shay. Finally, on the 14th of April, we will get the Sabrina Carpenter version.

Check out the short film below, it actually is good. Of course, I’m a sucker for romance novels, so I was the target audience. ::shrugs::

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