Chateau Saint drop “High On You”

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Chateau SaintSeattle based pop group Chateau Saint have released their latest track “High On You” and the alternative pop track is fantastic. Their smooth, soft vocals over the Avicii-vibe beat captures a youthful, light feeling that creates an escape from the day. It has a cinematic element to it, as well. I could hear this song on the radio as easily as I could see it being the soundtrack for an emotive scene from a film.

From the amazing production to the lyrics, “High On You” exudes confidence and a clear understanding of who they are as a pop-duo. The clarity in their direction allows us to dive right into the music vs. having to try and figure out “who” you are listening to. The lyrics of the track are also something to be admired. I love the writing because there are certain lines that will just stick with you and/or be so catchy you can’t but help sing along.

Every cell in my body is electrified
And I can’t quite explain it but I’m mesmerized

The track sounds like it has influences from the sound that Billie Eilish has brought to the forefront of the music scene. That soft yet powerful vocal takes you on a journey. There is a sincerity in the performance that feels a bit more rare these days.

The pop-duo explained the writing process for “High On You”;

“We wrote ‘High On You’ to explore the intricacies of desire, chemistry, and human connection…”, band members Aimee Layne and Nathan Lee explain, “…to capture the feeling when you’re with someone and your heart is racing, your skin is flushed, it”s almost hard to breathe–and you”d do anything for more”.

So if you’re into that alternative pop with those sultry, darker vibes you should give this track a listen.

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