Chloé Sautereau plays the “Get To Know You Game”

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Swiss-born singer-songwriter Chloé Sautereau has released her latest single, “Get To Know You Game.” In a world full of dating apps, work-from-home jobs, and digital life; getting to know someone is difficult. “Get To Know You Game” is all about navigating the dating world in the 21st century.

Chloé Sautereau is dropping her stage name, “Cee” and the moniker “sautereau.” and is coming back into her true self. “Get To Know You Game” is the first single that will be released under her full name. The release starts a set of stripped-back singles that focus on Chloé’s vivid storytelling.

Chloé Sautereau

Chloé Sautereau, let’s get to know her.

At 18yrs, Chloé Sautereau release her very first EP, “I Keep on Dreaming,” under the stage name, Cee. A year later in 2021, Chloé released “Conversation Hearts” under the moniker, “sautereau” and followed it up with “What If” in 2022. Chloé Sautereau is influenced by artists like Amy Allen, FINNEAS, and Julia Michaels. Similarities to the Julia Michaels song, “What A Time,” are uncanny. Like them, she combines genres of pop, folk, rock, and more. Her style is best described as a singer-songwriter. Intimate, honest, and vulnerable which is similar to Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones.

Now, Chloé Sautereau is becoming her true self. By painting a world for her true self to be unleashed, she explores it instrumentally and thematically. Her stories will be of human complexities, and relationships and trying to find oneself in the whirlwind of it all.

“‘Get To Know You Game’ was born out of getting a little lost trying to meet somebody. Not knowing who you’re supposed to be or what you want anymore, in the world of dating apps and the vain search that comes with them. The repetition, losing yourself in the process, and ultimately just feeling the desire for something real. It’s driven, maybe a little more sassy than I’m used to. But it’s relentless, in a perpetual, cyclical kind of way; hopefully, it’s freeing in that sense too.” – Chloé Sautereau 

Creating “Get To Know You Game”

Written in 2022, “Get To Know You Game” was produced and arranged by Chloé and her peers, Luke Girzadas and Emma Wellons. It was recorded at Corner Stone Studios in New York City with engineer CJ Colon and then was mixed and mastered by Harry Burr. The highlight of the song is the vocals and guitar. “Get To Know You Game” is stripped down and raw. But that is what makes the track so vulnerable.

Released today, May 12th, “Get To Know You Game” is available on all streaming platforms. The music video will be coming soon.

Listen Now:

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