Cindy-Louise Has Bills To Pay on 9-2-5

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Cindy-LouiseCindy-Louise, the independent artist from South Africa, has released her latest track titled “9-2-5” — and it’s a fun, almost throwback vibe. Since starting her career in 2019, she has accumulated over 40 thousand Spotify streams and has been featured in various digital publications as well as Jacaranda FM.

This track stood out to me because of its desire to really dive into a sound, a moment. It gives the vibe of an Elle King track if it had a baby with Lisa Loeb. Its obvious connection to the infamous “9 to 5” by Miss Dolly Parton might cause some to stray away thinking they already know what’s to come; but the passion and excitement that comes from this track is palpable.

A lot of independent artists live in a dream; they boast about things they don’t/can’t have — and it’s refreshing to hear a song like 9-2-5; which adds a whole lot of fun to the “wait a GD second…”

What the hell what the hell am I doing here?

Something a lot of artists and creatives can relate to; there is the passion & excitement, then there is the check. The live band paired with her soulful and strong vocals makes for a strong entry in the Industry. The track has its pop roots, but you can hear the desire and urge to breakout of that mold and just … scream.

I love to watch and artists journey as they discover who they are and their sound; so it’s going to be exciting to see where Cindy-Louise and warns us that it is going to be a “wild ride.”

The single is now available on all DSPS.

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