Cristal B. finds healing in ballad “Better Off”

The Florida native releases her first single of 2023

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Cristal B. has released her first single of 2023, “Better Off.” The powerful ballad tells the story of realizing you have moved on from a toxic relationship. “Better Off” starts off with a soft trill of Cristal B.’s higher vocal range. But, shortly after her powerful full voice comes in. Immediately you realize what a powerhouse this singer is. As much as her vocal abilities shine, the thing I am most impressed by is her lyricism.

cristal b.

Cristal B. teams up with Carrie Bussen and Bryan Encalada

“Better Off” was written by Cristal B. and Carrie Bussen. Cristal B. herself did the production with Bryan Encalada giving us the final product with mixing and mastering. Again, what stood out for me was the lyrics. Maybe I relate to them because of past situations for myself, but I think a lot of people will. Here is one of my favorite sections.

“And I’m learning who I am now,
I’ve forgotten her somehow,
But I’m better off now.” 

When discussing the release Cristal B. had this to say:

“[Better Off] is one of those songs that you want to scream-sing along to in the car, driving by yourself or with your best friend, maybe have yourself a little therapeutic cry while you’re at it. This song has been really healing for me and I think it will be for other people, too.” – Cristal B.

cristal b.

Cristal B. is a jack of all trades. She is a singer, songwriter, and producer, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. By mixing a bit of pop, soul, and alternative; Cristal B. found her own unique sound. When she is asked to describe her music she says, “Think Adele meets Lana Del Rey meets Taylor Swift.” We happen to agree with that assessment.

With a bunch of singles already released on streaming services, Cristal B. has a strong career ahead of her. She has the ability to take the listener through an intimate journey of life lessons and connect with them on a personal level.

When you are listening to “Better Off,” take a look at her other singles. She really has a great talent the world should witness.

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