Cupid Girl Releases “I Drop Everything”

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Cupid GirlCupid Girl has released their 2nd single from the upcoming EP, “Cupid Girl”. The indie-pop anthem explores the all-so-relatable topic of leaving a toxic relationship; finally acknowledging that it is time to take off the rose-colored glasses and move on.

The LGBTQ+ artist from Norway has a sound that feels familiar yet its fresh. There is the vibe of Christine and the Queens meets Aly & AJ and it’s an easy, put-this-on-loop listen. The lyrics are something that every single one of us in the community experiences;

I never had you anyways
So I drop everything to come over
Yeah I drop everything to come over

I can’t even count the amount of times I have been waiting around, creating a false sense of self worth and screaming to no one “I am over this!” Until the text comes and suddenly I am calm, cool and collected. So, I get it. While we all know by now that I am a sucker for pop, I have a sweet spot for these indie/alternative records that allows you peace and comfort, Cupid Girl definitely delivers.

The track also builds in a really fun way. By the end, the energy has shifted into more of an anthemic vibe that really drives the song home. Her press release says;

“Cupid Girl explores romance’s shadier groves, bursting with energy, vigor and a liberal smattering of tounge-in-cheek swagger – A satirical take on all love’s labor’s lost!”

And we couldn’t agree more. Note the layered vocals at the end of the track, they’re really really great!

Listen Now:

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