Davvn is back with “Anybody Else?”

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davvnDavvn is back with their latest single, “Anybody Else?” and the track sounds like it is straight out of the early 2000s. From the arrangement to the vocal delivery, this feels like it was made in the golden age of Pop/Rock; the era where Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch ruled the world/radio.

Davvn is a female-fronted pop-duo that grew up on AIM and MySpace, and they bring a healthy dose of nostalgia to their alt-rock group. Following the success of their viral TikTok hit 2002 (feat. Bowling for Soup), the band continues to hone in on their ability to channel a decade that so many millennials are not willing to forget. That young, youthful and ear-wormy music that used to be the soundtrack to our adolescence.

Davvn brings the nostalgia and talent.

The track starts off with a soft acoustic vibe that instantly reminded me of “So Yesterday” by Hilary Duff. The chords are different, but, they are pro’s at finding a familiar sound that captures the audience; then they apply their, now, identifiable sound. Lyrically, the song is about the stresses that most of experience and how that can result in us blaming ourselves for things out of our control.

I think we have all had an experience that stayed with us in a way where we were the ones left carrying the trauma or pain. Life can be tough, the need to “hang on” and remain positive in a world that feeds off of bringing you down is a lot; and Davvn wonders if there is “Anybody Else?”

My favorite part of this song is the bridge, the key change is the epitome of good pop-music; when the artist kicks the song up a notch, the listener can’t help but fall even more into their world.

The Pop-Duo tease new EP

“Anybody Else?” is the group’s second single off their up-coming, currently untitled, EP that will drop in the fall of 2023. Their first single off the impending EP, “Depressed in Heaven” is still one of our favorite pop/rock tracks of 2023, and their latest release is right up there with it.

Do yourself a favor and give “Anybody Else?” a listen today.

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