Demi Lovato continues rock-grunge music on ‘Still Alive”

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I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed Demi Lovato and her rockier oriented “Don’t Forget” debut album, and she kind of lost me with the subsequent releases. She recaptured my attention with 2016’s (criminally underrated) “Body Say” and after that I became a full blown Lovatic.

Following a less the forgettable return to music with 2021’s “Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over“, I slightly lost hope, the album charted respectably at #2 on the Billboard Album Charts, however, the album produced no notable singles that peaked within the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100, and the fact they excluded “I Love Me” as a standard album track upsets me to my core, but we aren’t here to talk about that.

Late last year, Demi released her eighth studio album “Holy Fvck” via Island Records, the album promised to return to the rockier core of “Don’t Forget“, however, the album failed to generate the same sales as her previous effort and came in at #7 on the US Albums chart. The highest charting single from this release was at #96 – but we aren’t here to talk about that either.

We are here however to talk about that Demi would be lending her voice to the song ‘Still Alive‘ from the sixth installment of the Scream franchise (due out in theaters on March 10, 2023). In the first few seconds of the song, I get an immediate holt back to the “Don’t Forget” album, something that lacked on her most recent album, but better late than never I guess.

“Chasing the ghosts that would haunt me at night, facing my past because I’m ready for the fight”

– Demi Lovato

The song delivers Demi’s powerful voice, a flawless music video, and provides us lyrics that make us back up and say “wait, what“. There are so many notable lyrics that I wanted to post as a highlight, but there’s too many good options, so, just listen to the entire first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, and then the break down, and you’ll get what I mean!

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