Demi Lovato surprise drops “SWINE”

The Roe V. Wade inspired rock-track represents the anger a lot of Americans' are feeling

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Demi Lovato

“Even if I’m dying, they’ll still try to stop me”

In commemorating the one year anniversary of the overturning of ‘Roe v Wade’, Demi Lovato has released the stand-alone single titled ‘Swine‘ and needless to say she isn’t having it (and not to be political but, rightfully so, if that is her choice).

In the same vein as her previous studio album ‘Holy Fvck’, the song provides a rockier edge that continues to be a departure from her previous material (which she has recently even begun to rework into ‘rock’ versions).

It is worth noting that the net profits from “Swine” will be donated to Demi Lovato Foundation’s Reproductive Justice Fund and the fund will benefit the charities NARAL Pro-Choice America, Plan C, and the National Network of Abortion Funds.

“I want this song to empower not only the birthing people of this country but everyone who stands up for equality, to embrace their agency and fight for a world where every person’s right to make decisions about their own body is honored.

Lovato continues message in music video…

The seriousness of the lyrics are perfectly portrayed in the music video. The video begins with Demi dressed as a Salem witch (which is referenced in the lyrics). She appears in front of a committee (seemingly representing the Supreme Court) in front of onlookers, and she rips up their ‘verdict’ to represent her disdain for the decision. Further, the music video provides a direct link to resources for individuals affected by this decision.

Many would say do politics belong in music? Shouldn’t we just be content with the ‘Skyscraper’ messaging? That isn’t for me to answer, but if there is something that an artist is passionate about, why shouldn’t they talk about it in their music? Demi has a long history of standing up for what is right and speaking on things that remain true to her.

Let us not forget this is the woman who gave us ‘Anyone‘ following a near fatal incident.

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