Doja Cat wants our “Attention”

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Doja Cat

“Look at me look at me. You looking?” – Doja Cat

In her newly released single Doja Cat demands our “Attention” and yes we are looking and listening!

The track, which starts off with haunting guitars and then bleeds into a mid-tempo beat, showcases Doja’s classic whisper and rap singing. It spans an attention-grabbing 4 minutes in length, which is very rare these days. But the good news is that it works for Doja because the song doesn’t try too hard. It’s chill, effortless, and pleasant to the ears from start to finish.

Over the recent years, Doja has begun to ditch her poppy persona that dominated her previous records. She’s morphed into this new, badass, edgy character that makes their debut in the music video for “Attention”. In the Tanu Muino-directed clip, she can be seen walking down the streets with her now coined shaved head with a newfound swagger; completely unbothered by everyone surrounding her. Scattered throughout the video we also see flashes of Doja semi-naked and drenched in blood. Lyrically “Attention” puts on blast the singer’s critics and haters by addressing the negative backlash she has received for losing weight, shaving her head, and being compared to Nicky Minaj.

“Attention” feels like a 180-degree shift in Doja’s artistic direction and that makes us super excited for what the rapper/singer has to offer on her upcoming album.

If you haven’t listened yet, it’s your time to pay attention and spin the track. You won’t be disappointed!

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