Dom Malin gets swept out to “The Sea”

This indie artist has a rich tone and heartbreaking lyricism

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Dom Malin has released a new single, “The Sea,” following his hit “All I Know.” Dom Malin is a British-based indie artist, that has been building his fan base since his first EP in 2017. The EP was well-received by critics and helped build his fanbase. Since then he has been regularly releasing music, which has even garnered attention from some of the industry giants.

Dom Malin

Dom Malin tells a tender story with poetic lyrics

At first, listening to this song, I was drawn in by the folk and soft rock vibe. I tend to listen to the beats, and melodies and “feel” the music first. But, immediately I heard the lyrics.

Obviously, it was the voice that drew me to them. But as soon as I started listening to the lyrics, the meaning got me all in my feels.

“Finding the courage to say something earlier and not let it escalate to the point where you get caught out. The conversational verses talk about the simplicity of conversation while the chorus asks the question if you had another shot would you do it differently?” – Dom Malin

Dom is talking to someone, asking them to stay and try to fix something together. Every lyric is a love letter to the person he is singing to.

“Why don’t you stay relax and open up
Don’t walk away there’s gold beneath the rust
I know you think there’s nowhere for us to go
But together we can fix this puzzle” 

This verse is the one that sold me on Dom Malin’s songwriting ability. I have always used puzzles as a way to describe life. Somehow, being across the world from me, we have the same outlook.

His previous single, “All I Know,” received rave reviews from some of the most respected music blogs out there. One that stood out was from Indie Music Center.

“Dom Malin amazes everyone with his exacerbated writing talents. His pen is of rare precision, playing with rhymes, sounds, and syllables like a mad juggler. Emotions are always brought to the fore brilliantly.”

Niko from IMC describes Dom’s talent incredibly. We agree. Make sure you check out “The Sea” and every single one of his previous releases.

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