Don’t Stop Movin’ To That S Club Beat

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The Introduction

It has been a rough few weeks to be an S Club fan. Earlier this month, S Club member Paul Cattermole passed away suddenly, and the days following have been somewhat traumatic, especially following the interview by fellow band mate and ex-girlfriend Hannah Spearritt.

The Song

Today, we’re going to remember the ‘Good Times’ with the release of “Don’t Stop Movin”, which is the first (maybe second depending on how you look at it) single from their third album ‘Sunshine’. Penned by the members of S Club 7, Simon Ellis, and Sheppard Solomon — the song was spectacular. Unlike “Reach” and “Bring It All Back” before it, the S Club had gone modern, and somewhat changed the face of UK music.

The song hit #1 in four countries (including on two separate occasions because of Geri Halliwell formally of the Spice Girls), and top 10 in eight other countries.

The Legacy

‘Don’t Stop Movin’ sold over a million copies worldwide, it was certified two times Platinum in Australia, Platinum in the United Kingdom, and Gold in Sweden. You may be asking yourself, Dale? Why wasn’t this huge in America?

Well, there were reasons behind this, ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ was released on 04/10/01 in the United States, ‘Dont Stop Movin’ was released on 04/23/01 in the UK. The band was minimally promoting ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ over here (including Regis & Kathy, and TRL) but was massivly promoting Don’t Stop Movin’ in the UK. They did manage to have a Top 10 Single in the UK and US at the same time with two separate songs.

The US was always a bit behind when it came to the S Club music. When ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ was released state side, it was November 2002, Paul had left the band but was still featured on the single cover (?), and their third album in the states was titled ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ (because of course it was), and the band split a few months later. The record label couldn’t be bothered to give the American’s the Greatest hits album…

The Conclusion

Look, I love S Club 7 – I love every aspect of every song they did, Don’t Stop Movin’ deserved to be the hit it was. They even tried (and failed) to replicate Don’t Stop Movin’ with ‘Alive’ from their fourth album, but we’ll talk about that later.

Key take aways – Don’t Stop Movin’ is amazing
Paul Cattermole was taken from us too soon!

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