Drew Thomas releases Summer-Ready “Smoke”

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Drew ThomasDrew Thomas has released their latest single, “Smoke” and the song is pop/rock perfection. The guitar-driven track feels like the music you would hear on the radio back in the mid-2000s; that Good Charlotte/Simple Plan rock that also had layers of infectious pop melodies and hooks.

If you’re like me, you listen to the music and melodies first. Lyrics are arguably what makes or breaks a song, but for me, I like to give the music the chance to grab me. After a few listens, I started to digest the story Thomas tells. The feeling of messing up, not knowing what’s going on and being broken is all too relatable. When asked to describe the record, Thomas said;

“Smoke is about running away from real life and the coming of age mistakes you make growing up. It’s about seeking escapism and the vices we balance in our adolescence. I spent years hiding my sexuality and being destructive because of it so Smoke feels like a cathartic release as well. I really wanted to write a song that people could instantly relate to and sing with. We all f*** up sometimes and it’s good just to admit that – it’s the only way you grow.”

One of my favorite parts of the song is the breakdown after the bridge, it adds a new layer of energy to the experience. Thomas is an incredible vocalist who has the ability to carry such a large song. If you’re into that nostalgic pop/rock vibe, I would highly suggest checking out “Smoke” and Thomas’ full discography.

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