dumb belles Release Platonic Love Anthem “Alrighty Aphrodite”

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dumb belles It’s not everyday you get to hear a track about just loving your friends… and I didn’t realize I was missing that. dumb belles brought that vibe on their latest single, Alrighty Aphrodite.

Soft-rock influences from artists like Fleetwood Mac, Hinds, The Aces and Aly and Aj echo throughout the track. The Texas-based band consists of founding members, Kris and Erika, and their bassist Sophie and dummer Aaron. The bedroom-closest recorded tracks sounds like nothing of the sort. The masterful production paired with the seasoned vocals create an incredible listen.

I am a huge fan of both Fleetwood Mac and Aly and Aj and I think that’s why this song was such a quick a “yes” from me; I love the earwormy melodies on top of a live-band styled track. It reminds me of the early 2000s when my life was literally the easiest it could have ever been. Songs like this help provide an escape from the day where you can join them on their journey.

Another interesting piece about this band in general is their name, luckily founding member Erika helped clear that up (and I legit really love the meaning behind it):

“Two years ago, “dumb belles” was just a silly pun on the dusty workout equipment in the closet, and now the phrase has come to mean something entirely different to us. It’s about how you can underestimate yourself for so long that you begin to believe that it’s true, that you’re incapable of creating the life you want. At the same time, it’s a reminder not to overthink yourself into a rut, to follow joy, and to trust where it will take you.” – Erika Parris on the meaning of the band name

Give the track a listen today!

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