Eden XO ‘All Day, Every Day’ is Every-aye-Thing

I'm a runaway balloon, and you are my helium

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Eden XO

Eden XO is back with her first single in three years with “All Day, Every Day” and it’s everything we’ve ever wanted!

Eden XO has been in every corner of my brain since I first discovered her with ‘Standing Up For The Lonely‘ back in 2010. She’s gone through the trials and tribulations of a pop star, but those have never held her back from delivering bop after bop.

In all honesty, despite never having released a full-length studio album, I believe Eden has enough material in her discography to do a Greatest Hits album and world tour.

The Song

As we announced earlier this week, Eden would be breathing new life into an unreleased ten-year-old bop she casually wrote in a castle (as one does).

The track, out today, delivers Eden’s powerful vocals, infectious beats, and casually beautiful lyrics:

I want you but I can’t have you
I ain’t mad at it cause I got a plan
Spinning my spiderweb, painting my nails red
Check yes if you like me back

But wait… there’s an expanded pre-chorus (gosh do we love it when this happens).

I want you but I can’t have you
I ain’t mad at it cause I got a plan
Spinning my spider web, just laying in my bed
Dreaming with both of my hands


Eden has already begun teasing her second single from her upcoming debut album on social media, which makes me think it is coming sooner than expected. So I recommend familiarizing yourself with the legend of Eden, and there are so many things she has to offer and we’re here for all of it!

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