Electric Circus releases edgy song “My Illusion”

High energy and a tad dirty is the perfect description of Electric Circus

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Electric Circus has released its second single of 2023. “My Illusion” delivers a heavy rock vibe that has roots in 80s rock, pop, and blues. The band made the creative decision to have a bit of a grittier sound. They added a mischievous element to the track, which fits their original idea for the song.

“The brief for this song was essentially ‘Coyote Ugly’. We wanted to create something a little bit dirty, rough and out-law-ish. The story through the lyrics is essentially about the cat and mouse of dating, being misled, not knowing where you stand with someone and sometimes the power struggle that short term, fiery encounters can have. It’s also about just being out there and having a good time which kind of echos the idea of fleeting moments from AFAS [‘All for a Stranger’], I guess that’s part of our ethos really, just enjoyment in everything.”

Electric Circus

Electric Circus is the product of a global pandemic

Frontman Shaun Lamb is the brainchild behind Electric Circus. Shaun brought in Brad Woodlands, Jordan Sowerby, and Ryan Brown and the rest is history. The band, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, had a simple goal. Bring back a heavy, high-energy rock sound for listeners to enjoy. Six months after forming, the band was already playing shows around the North East of England.

Having already released four singles, Electric Circus has been causing a stir and building a fanbase. Currently, they are in the running to perform at the Isle of  Wight Festival. The New Blood Competition is currently in the public vote round. You can help get Electric Circus there by voting here.

“My Illusion” is available now on all streaming platforms. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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