Ellie Burke and her “Filtered Reality”

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Ellie BurkeLiverpool based artist Ellie Burke has dropped her latest single, and music video, for “Filtered Reality.” The project is both sonically and visually beautiful. The track fuses soft pop and lo-fi beats to create an incredibly ear-wormy journey through her filtered reality.

The track starts off with an almost lullaby vibe, Burke’s soft vocals on top of a, what I would describe as, a thunderstorm beat. It really helps set the scene for the lyrics, which take us through her journey through life with social media. “Filtered Reality” feels like a poem to our generation about the dangers of gaining your validation from strangers who give it to you under contingency.

Filtered Reality” was written as apart of Burke’s university dissertation, and that is honestly kind of badass. The track stands on it’s own without a visual; the music has replay value. It does what music is supposed to do, it comforts you. Hearing someone share their experience that also aligns with your personal journey is the magic of music; and Burke nails that.

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The video is as pretty as the song; it looks like it was shot on a uni-campus and Burke is seen walking through the beautiful greenery. We see her express these feelings and emotions as she glides through the gorgeous landscape. Her performance is subtle yet captivating. What I really enjoyed about the video was that while she is clearly a beautiful young woman, I get what she’s selling. There are no blurred lines with her message and delivery. Watching the video is best described as a really fun and easy experience. You don’t lose focus or interest, it’s worth your full attention.

Don’t know why I get so much worry inside
But it really makes me want to cry
I feel abandoned and left every time
And if it happens to me
Then it happens to them

I am a huge fan of music that also speaks on something without pandering; and Burke is clearly passionate about this. Everyone should feel great; and the “Filtered Reality” we live in is a lot, but you are not alone. That’s the beautiful and incredibly important message that this experience shares.

So do yourself a favor and checkout Ellie Burke’s latest release below.

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